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Reheat compensation device with heat pipe radiator

  SVC (Static Var Compensator): Static Var Compensator

  Static power compensator is controlled by the thyristor switching reactor and capacitor composition, because the thyristor response to the control signal is very fast, and the number of times can also be unrestricted. When the voltage changes when the static compensator can quickly and smoothly adjust to meet the needs of dynamic reactive power compensation, but also to do phase compensation; for three-phase unbalanced load and impact load has a strong adaptability.

  SVC ++ (SVG / S):

  SVG is a new generation of static var compensator SVC (Static Var Compensator) products, the device produces reactive power and filter harmonic is by its internal electronic switch frequent reactive current generated by reactive power compensation is the latest technology applications The The reactive current can be flexibly controlled, the automatic compensation system required reactive power, internationally also known as static compensator (Static Compensator, referred to as STATCOM, when used in the distribution network, also known as DSTATCOM).

  According to the figure, the company for the production and development of SVC \ SVG and other high-power heating components heat pipe heat sink, the cooling system has a simple structure, low noise, maintenance-free, long life and other advantages.