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EMU traction converter rectifier, inverter module with heat pipe radiator

  EMU traction converter is a key component of the traction system, its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical kinetic energy, and traction converter main power device is IGBT. It is well known that the internal junction temperature of the IGBT is a key factor in the service life and stability of the device, and it directly affects the performance of the converter and the safe and stable operation of the traction system. With the high speed of the future EMU, the traction converter cools The system must be more compact, efficient, low noise, safe and reliable direction.

  In order to solve the above problems, our company adopts advanced heat pipe phase change technology, successfully developed CRH380 locomotive corresponding traction converter rectifier, inverter module heat pipe radiator, and effectively solved the Chinese alpine region (-40 ℃) imported heat pipe product failure problems.

  The picture below shows my company in the high-speed EMU traction converter rectifier, inverter module application heat pipe radiator products. Is currently the only domestic supplier, the project by the National Science and Technology Innovation Project, has been successful batch replacement of imported products.