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EMG traction converter heat pipe heat exchanger

  In order to effectively cool the device, the heat in the space is transmitted to the external environment, and the heat pipe is used to change the heat Heaters become a first choice. Heat pipe heat exchanger of the central partition to form a cold and hot fluid independent of the flow channel, the side of the heat pipe heating section into the box inside the other side of the cooling section is in the outside air, hot and cold sides are not Direct contact to achieve the heat transfer. Compared to conventional heat exchangers, heat pipe heat exchangers have better heat transfer performance, strong adaptability to the environment, and less loss of flow resistance, no other external energy and maintenance, long life, in the locomotive and air conditioning systems Industry widely used.

  The following picture shows my company in the EMU traction converter control box in the application of heat pipe heat exchanger products. The product for the Ministry of Railways that the only supplier of domestic, has been successful in large quantities of supply and operation