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April 2002: the establishment of the Shanghai Wei special heat pipe radiator Limited

October 2004: Entering the Rail Transit Industry and Hitachi Rail Transit Division to Achieve Strategic Partners

November 2008: the first batch of supply Shanghai Metro Rail on the 6th of the heat pipe radiator products for the Shanghai World Expo supporting the project has made our contribution.

October 2009: the company expanded capacity to move the new plant, to achieve high-volume supply rail transportation, mining frequency converter and high-voltage inverter industry supporting.

March 2010: German company MB in Germany for the company's agents, the successful development of the European market

June 2012: the company through more than 10 patent certification

June 2013: the company won the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, and successfully passed the German TUV certification ISO9000 and IRIS certification

July 2014: the company won the Shanghai Pudong New Area enterprises independent research and development institutions

April 2015: the company's products successfully into the Chinese car Zhuzhou era, as the field of high-speed rail industry only supporting the localization of suppliers

March 2016: the company's products exported overseas, for the Russian St. Petersburg and Hungary Budapest City rail project supporting